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Steps to create the Perfect Passport Photo

Tired of blurry or having your passport picture rejected? Follow this step-by-step guide to make your flawless, government-compliant photo in minutes.


Choose Document & Upload Image

Choose your document (i.e US Passport) and upload a picture of yourself


AI Edits & Manual Edits

AI edits your image to comply with document-specific sizes. Freely add suits, shirts or change the background color of your passport picture


Review & Download

Review your image before downloading

Choose Document

Whether it's an US passport, an UK visa or an Indonesian driving license, we've got you covered. Choose your document, and our AI will automatically format your photo to the correct size and dimensions.

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Shooting Tips for Passport Pictures

Prepare a clean, plain background to take your passport photo. A white or off-white wall is ideal, as it eliminates distractions and ensures your face is the focal point. Avoid busy patterns, shadows, or other objects in the background.

Good Examples

Bad Examples

Features we provide

Say goodbye to photo editing hassles and traditional photo booths. Our AI-powered features streamline the process, ensuring a perfect passport photo every time.

AI auto detect head & crop fit with guide

Cropped and centered. Have a look at that smile!

Precise face detection in photos
Resized and centered to standard
Realistic blurry photo enhancement

Auto Adjust Background & Lighting

Edit background color and image brightness

AI perfectly remove photo background
Automatic lighting adjustment for professional look

Dress change to suit your needs

Change clothings to suit every occasaion

Manually alters clothings to your need
Clothing items autofitting with your shape

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